How it all began (2)
Season One
Episode Two
Flashback Katie Pace & Oisin Neary
Day(s) 2
First Appearance of Most Characters
Last Appearance of None




Oisin sits in his seat on Fusion Flight 220, grimacing, sweating, and impatiently tapping his ring on his armrest. Sandra Simmons, a flight attendant, approaches him warily, asking him if he is okay. Trying to act calm, he politely tells her he's fine, but becomes brusque when she presses him. She goes to the back of the plane and whispers to the other attendants about his behavior. Oisin becomes paranoid, glancing back repeatedly until he sees several flight attendants walking toward him. He flees his seat and rushes to the restroom, brushing past Paul and Marie and stepping over Brian and Deborah. The flight attendants pursue, but the captain turns on the "fasten seatbelts" sign, so Sandra stops her pursuit and alerts the passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

Oisin finds a vacant restroom after several unsuccessful attempts. Once inside, he locks the door and removes his shoe, from which he takes a small bag of heroin. As soon as he ingests the heroin, a flight attendant knocks on the door and demands he come out. Oisin attempts to stall the attendant, and drops his bag of heroin into the toilet. As his finger rests on the handle, about to flush the toilet, the plane experiences severe turbulence, slamming him into the ceiling of the bathroom. after escaping the bathroom, he is nearly hit by a refreshment cart. Frightened, he rushes to a seat several rows back and straps himself in as the plane crashes.


On Fusion Flight 220, Katie sits next to Sean Davidson. A flight attendant offers her more juice, but she declines while Davidson asks the attendant for a black coffee. After the attendant leaves, Davidson begins taunting Katie, sarcastically telling her to remain optimistic that someone might "believe her story." Katie sips on her juice, and it is revealed that she is wearing handcuffs.

The plane begins experiencing some slight turbulence, and Katie tells Davidson that she has one favor to ask of him. Davidson is interested to hear what her favor is, but before she can elaborate, the plane's turbulence worsens, causing several people to be flung into the plane's ceiling. Luggage falls and strikes Davidson in the head, and he begins bleeding profusely and falls unconscious. Oxygen masks fall, and Katie attempts to grab hers, but cannot reach it because of her handcuffs. She then reaches into Davidson's pocket for the key to her handcuffs. She unlocks the handcuffs, straps a mask on herself, and after some deliberation, straps a mask on Davidson as well. She then sits back in panic as the plane's tail is ripped from the rest of the plane.

On IslandEdit

Day 2

After the journey to the cockpit, Daniel, Katie, and Oisin trek back across the Island to the beach. Daniel is trying the transceiver while Oisin pesters him about whether it works. Katie asks Oisin what he was doing in the restroom of the plane while she and Daniel found the pilot. Oisin replies that he was puking from the sight of the corpses, his "one tangible contribution to the trek." Oisin says that he is a coward, something that Katie reassures him he is not. Oisin's dark expression, however, indicates that he believes otherwise. 

At the beach, Deborah sunbathes in her newly found bikini. Brian approaches, asking if Deborah wants to help the other survivors sort through the clothes. Deborah, confident that rescue will arrive soon, refuses to help. Brian walks away angrily. Jane, sitting a few feet away from Deborah, asks her if she and Brian are back together since they've spent a lot of time with each other since they got here. Deborah assures her that they aren't getting back together and asks how the baby is. She says that she hasn't felt the baby move since the day of the crash.

At the seashore, Yun-Seo silently watches Ye-Jun as he picks up shellfish from between some rocks. Their silent moment is soon interrupted by Andrew Colgan, who is searching for his friend, Andrew McCormack. Yun-Seo speaks in Korean to Colgy, presumably telling him that she and Ye-Jun do not speak English. Yun-Seo starts shouting at Ye-Jun, telling her to button her cardigan. She does so, and Colgy apologizes for interrupting and continues searching for Killer.

Killer is seen gathering wood when Colgy finally finds him. He asks Killer what he's doing and he tells him that he's gathering some wood for a fire tonight before it get's dark. Colgy offers to help. Killer walks up a bit towards the jungle to get wood and looks on the ground to find a dogs lead, he calls Colgy over and he rushes over. They discuss the lead and wonder who owns it.

Samuel Mardirosian, Andrea Bellemonte and Ciara Holohan are rooting through the fuselage to find some useful stuff. Samuel while searching through some bags finds a pair of handcuffs he calls the other two over and they wonder who was wearing them. Samuel, visibly nervous, leads them back to the beach while glancing around fearfully.

A short while later, Paul and Kevin Maloney are brawling on the beach. Daniel, arriving back from the jungle, rushes to separate the two, as does Samuel. Kevin, who had been informed by Samuel about the handcuffs, immediately suspected that Paul, was responsible for crashing the plane because of the time he spent in the Middle East. Paul is livid at Kevin's prejudice. Kevin mentions that the guy sitting next to Paul did not survive the crash, and also that Paul was pulled out of line shortly before the plane was boarded. The fight is finally stopped by Katie, who changes the subject and asks if anyone can help repair the broken transceiver.

Paul volunteers to help, much to Kevin's chagrin. William O'Brien tells Kevin to calm down, and Kevin responds by calling him "Emo." Daniel tells Kevin to take a break and Kevin says "Whatever you say, Dan, you're the hero." Shane asks Daniel if there were any survivors at the cockpit, and Daniel, lying, says that there weren't.

A little after the confrontation, William visits Paul as he works to fix the transceiver. The two discuss Kevin's intolerance, and Paul simply states that "some people have problems." When asked by Will how he became so skilled at repairing things, Paul replied that he always loved computers and eventually just got good at repairing things.

Further down the shore, Katie is bathing in the sea when she notices Yun-Seo behind her, in awe of Katie's ability to show her skin. Yun-Seo speaks in Korean and points up the beach. Katie nods and with a half smile, Ye-Jun leaves.  Katie has changed her clothes and approaches Paul to check on the progress of the transceiver's repair. It seems fixed, but there is no reception, meaning it can't broadcast a message for rescue. Paul explains that by heading up the mountains to higher ground, they might be able to acquire a signal. Katie visits Daniel, who is keeping an eye on  Sean Davidson. She tells him that she is going on a hike with Paul, despite the fact that they both are aware of what lay waiting in the jungle. Katie is adamant, though, since the batteries on the transceiver won't last very long.

By the shore, Ye-Jun prepares the raw shellfish for the survivors, though not for his own daughter. As he leaves her, Yun-Seo defiantly opens the top button on her blouse. Ye-Jun gives out the food, though Roly laughingly declines. Further up the beach, Sinead Moore, Liza Delahunty and Shauna Murphy discuss when they will be rescued.

Oisin finds a private space and gets his heroin stash ready for a taste. The rest of the survivors are busy with different tasks. Daniel enlists Will to search for antibiotics, Brian sits with a crying Deborah after she sees the dead body of the crewman who changed her seat, an action that saved her life. Brian, gives her little sympathy, saying she has been useless sitting around staring at the dead bodies.

After an argument, she defiantly proclaims that she is going on the hike with Katie and Paul. Brian also signs up upon hearing that Shannon is going, as does Nathan and Samuel. Further away, Liam O'Brien reads a letter that's been tucked away in his pocket that seems to trouble him for a moment. He notices Katie and the team heading out in the distance and joins them on their difficult trek up the mountain. They scale the mountain.

Down at the camp, Colgy talks to Daniel about a dog, and Daniel tells him that Paul said he saw a black Labrador in the jungle after the crash. Elsewhere, James Lennon approaches Jake Gilligan, who tells him about backgammon, explaining that the game is over 5,000 years old, referring to it as a Mesopotamian.

Ye-Jun continues to offer his fish samples to the survivors, this time to Jane, who says no at first, but then reluctantly accepts. Immediately after eating the food, Jane jumps up in emotion, having felt her baby finally kick. She comments that "he kicked," and in analyzing her own words she says she believes that the baby is a boy, she says she can't wait to tell Nathan.

Paul's team argues about the right time to check the radio and risk completely wasting the battery. A roaring in the distance interrupts them. Katie realizes that it might be the same thing that killed the pilot. As the creature approaches, everyone runs, but Brian stands firm. In the last few moments, he pulls out a gun and fires almost a full clip of bullets. The group returns to discover that Brian has killed a polar bear. Katie questions where Brian got the gun, and he reveals that a US Marshal was on the plane, and he took the marshal's badge as well as his gun. Liamo then suggests that Brian was the prisoner all along. Katie manages to take the gun while Brian's back is turned. She asks how to use it, causing Brian to grin. Paul instructs her on how to disassemble it. This shocks everyone as nobody knew that Paul could use a gun. Katie then gives one part to each man, though Brian whispers to her that he "knows her type" as she passes him the ammunition.

On the beach, Will helps Daniel tend to Davidson, having found antibiotics from the plane. As Daniel removes some shrapnel, as shown how to by Paul, Will faints at the sight of the blood. Then, as Daniel stitches the wound, the pain causes Davidson to regain consciousness.  He grabs Daniel's shirt, angrily asking, "Where is she?"

As Katie and the group head out, Paul  tries the radio and hears a conflicting transmission, meaning that there is another signal already broadcasting from nearby. He manages to tap into a French transmission and Nathan, the only French speaker in the group, attempts to translate. He hears a distress message from a woman saying, "It killed them, it killed them all." Samuel also calculates, from the counter on the message loop, that the message has been playing for approximately 16 years. The group realizes that if the message is still playing, the call for help was probably never answered. 

The situation is summed up by Nathan, who asks with a worried stare, "Lads...where are we?"

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