How it all began
Season One
Episode One
Flashback Paul Murphy
Day(s) 1-2
First Appearance of Most Characters
Last Appearance of None



Paul Murphy, sitting in seat 23A on board Fusion Flight 220, pensively looks out the cabin window to his left. A friendly flight attendant, Sandra Simmons, passes and asks him if he enjoyed his drink. His lukewarm response that "it's not a very strong drink" leads her to give him two more sample bottles of rum. After consuming one of the bottles, Paul rises and stands in the aisle, where a hurried Oisin Neary passes him, pursued by Simmons and another flight attendant.

Marie Cooper, sitting next to Paul in seat 23D, comments about the incident. She reacts to some light turbulence and Paul attempts to allay her fear. She says that her temporarily absent husband always reminds her that "Planes want to be in the air." Paul says her husband sounds like a smart man; Marie says she'll tell him that when he returns from the bathroom. The plane begins to shake more violently before making a sharp, uncontrolled descent. Some passengers are thrown about; one hits the cabin roof. The cabin loses pressure as the plane rapidly descends; oxygen masks fall from the ceiling. Paul secures his mask and looks out the window, this time at the approaching ocean.

On IslandEdit

Paul wakes, disoriented, flat on his back in a dense bamboo grove. A black Labrador Retriever, Bubbles, looks at him and runs past him. Slowly, Paul struggles to his feet. He leans against a tall piece of bamboo and finds a sample bottle of rum in his jacket pocket. Paul runs haphazardly through the grove, passing a white tennis shoe hanging from a tree.

Paul emerges at a pristine beach but finds to his left the chaos of the wrecked mid-section of Fusion Flight 220. He stumbles toward the smoking crash site where survivors move about in disarray. Oisin Neary, dazed, stands dangerously close to a still-running jet engine. Ye-Jun Park, oblivious to his fellow passengers, cries out in Korean for his daughter and Daniel Lafferty shouts for his wife, Sue, as he runs through the wreckage. Nearby, Deborah Powell stands screaming hysterically beneath the plane's precariously teetering wing. With the help of Jake Gilligan and two other men, Paul pulls a passenger with a crushed leg from underneath one of the plane's detached landing wheels and ties a tourniquet above the injury. Paul sees an 8-month pregnant Jane Neylan crying for help and orders Jake Gilligan to keep others away from the engine. He runs to Jane and asks how far apart her contractions are. He notices Shane Reilly incorrectly performing CPR on [Nathan Shephard]]. Meanwhile, a man, while crossing the path of the still-running engine, is sucked in and the engine explodes violently.

After shielding Jane from the explosion, Paul tells her to remain absolutely still.  He directs Roland Walsh to take her away from the fumes of the burning wreckage and to call him if her situation worsens. Hugo asks where Nathan is. Paul tells him he's going over to him now. Paul goes back to Shane and tells him that he is doing CPR incorrectly. The well-intentioned but unqualified Shane goes to find a pen thinking it may help. Nathan, eventually breathes again after Paul's continued attempts to resuscitate him. Paul looks up and sees Roly and Jane sitting under the ominously creaking plane wing. He dashes to them and the three escape just as the wing collapses and explodes. A piece of the plane's engine narrowly misses Brian Marshall as he wanders aimlessly.

Paul wanders through the wreckage, stops at what remains of the fuselage, and peers in. Shane arrives with a handful of pens, saying that he didn't know which one would work best. Paul replies that they are all good as Shane solemnly looks into the wreckage.

Paul finds a sewing kit in a suitcase and runs to a secluded spot away from the wreckage to treat a large gash on his lower back. He sees Katie Pace walking out of the jungle and asks her to stitch his wound as it is out of his reach. She reluctantly agrees. She rinses her hands with Paul's rum while he washes the wound. He chooses "standard black" thread from the kit.  

Terrified, Katie is calmed by Paul's jokes. On the beach, it is twilight. Jamie Grant smokes a cigarette grimly as he surveys the wreckage; Jane stands looking to sea and Nathan appears next to her; Jake sits on the beach. Roly salvages some meals from the plane's galley. Colgy enlists Brian to keep the fire he has built alight and big, otherwise no one will see it. Marie tearfully kisses her wedding ring.

At night. Oisin has written "F A T E" on a bandage on his left hand, one letter on each finger.  Colgy says that he would have expected them to have been rescued by now. Jane petulantly refuses a chocolate Aero bar offered to her by Nathan while she rubs her feet, saying she will eat on the "rescue boat." Roly distributes the meals he found earlier, giving two to Jane. Ye-Jun cares for his daughter.He tells her that she must stay with him at all times and not care about the other survivors.

Paul tends to an unconscious Sean Davidson, who is badly injured by shrapnel embedded in his abdomen. Katie asks Paul if he believes the man will live and tells him that she was sitting next to the man during the flight. They discuss the crash and where the missing cockpit and tail might be. Paul thinks there might be a transceiver in the cockpit they could use to send a signal.

Beyond the light of their fire, the peacefulness is interrupted by loud and terrifying mechanical-sounding noises from the jungle, accompanied by the crashing of trees. The survivors gather together fearfully and look toward the noises.

Day 2

The next day, as some of the survivors discuss the strange jungle noises of the night before, Katie and Daniel prepare to search for the cockpit and its transceiver. Katie takes walking shoes from a dead body and looks up to see Jake watching her. He smiles, revealing an orange peel obscuring his teeth. Paul stays to keep an eye on the wounded. Oisin pushes himself into the search group, and they set off to follow Katie's descriptions of the location of smoke she saw the previous day. Katie tells Oisin he looks familiar; he reveals that he is the guitarist in the band Evil Emo. Bubbles watches the trio from the bushes.

As evening approaches, a tropical rainstorm drenches the survivors. Only Jake remains uncovered as he welcomes the rain with open arms. The terrifying noises and movement in the jungle are observed again by Jane and Jordyn Fogharty.

The trio find the nose section of the plane, which is suspended at a steep angle in trees. Led by Daniel, they climb into the nose and scale the slanted floor, where Daniel pries open the cockpit door and a body falls through the door. Inside, they find the pilot of Fusion Flight 220, unconscious and still in his seat.  He suddenly awakens and coughs. The pilot tells Daniel and Katie that the plane had lost radio contact before the crash and changed course towards Fiji. They were, in his reckoning, 1000 miles off course and "they are looking for us in the wrong place." The pilot locates the plane's transceiver, but can't get it to work. Daniel and Katie notice that Oisin is missing. As Katie calls for him, he guiltily emerges from the bathroom. 

Loud noises and the mechanical thrashing heard by the survivors on the beach fill the air. The pilot attempts to investigate by cautiously peering out of a broken cockpit window. To the horror of the search party, the pilot is seized by something unseen and pulled through the window.  A large splatter of blood splashes on the cockpit window as he disappears. Daniel grabs the transceiver as he and Katie exit the cockpit in terror. As the three run from The Monster, Oisin trips. Daniel runs back to him to free his leg, and becomes separated from the group. Katie continues running but stops and draws herself under the trailing roots of a banyan tree.  She calms herself by counting to five.

Oisin runs into Katie and the two begin searching for Daniel. The rain stops. Katie finds the pilot's badge in the mud beneath a tree, and she and Oisin look up and spot his bloodied body suspended in the treetops, mangled. Daniel steps out of hiding, saying that he dodged the Monster. Looking up, Oisin wonders what could have possibly done that to the pilot.



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